• Meccanica RC Srl Florence
  • Meccanica RC Srl Florence
  • Meccanica RC Srl Florence
  • Meccanica RC Srl Florence
  • Meccanica RC Srl Florence

The Precision Mechanical Workshop MECCANICA RC. is located in Palazzuolo Sul Senio (Main Office) and Imola (Secondary Office).We operate in Tuscany and Emilia Romagna, performing machining and assembling of details and mechanical components.

We are the leading providers of high-quality processing of special mechanical parts and components for various automation machines, lines, and custom projects in the Province of Florence.In addition, we supply a wide range of commercial materials, and parts for pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical plants.


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For CNC milling, our workshop has ten of the latest generation DIGITAL CONTROL WORKSTATIONS, with workspaces that can be set from 500mm x 300mm to 3500mm x 1000mm, and the option of working on five axes.


We have 5 CNC LATHES: motorised tools with c and y axes, work areas up to 600mm diameter, bar passage of 116mm dia., and turning length up to 1200mm, with cycling loaders.


After the requested finishing treatments have been applied, the component is ready to be delivered to the customer.Alternatively, if desired, the parts can be pre-assembled and delivered already complete and ready to be fitted onto the final machine.


Meccanica R.C. has a Quality Control and Testing department for mechanical parts with two full-time specialist operators. In addition to the final checks, these people also perform intermediate batch processing tests.


The company has specialist CAD-CAM personnel and the latest generation equipment, allowing us to directly import drawings received from customers, convert them into a programme, which is then sent directly to the CNC machines that need it.

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