Meccanica R.C.Srl is your trusted company in the sector for manufacturing parts and machine components, with a long and consolidated experience over 30 years in precision machining and in turning and milling services.



CNC machines



All our services are offered using the machines with numerical control and traditional tools.Our company performs subcontracted machining both for whole lot of details on design and for complete parts of already assigned works; For the correct and optimal execution of the working procedures, the practical construction of mechanical assemblies is preceded by several stages divided between different staff and departments: after accepting a client order, we proceed with a careful technical analysis of the drawings and basic batches, followed by programming the production cycle.



Cad-Cam programs



The designs for programming our CNC machines are created with CAD/CAM software, but we are also able to directly import and convert – sending them to all the machines via a computer – bespoke customer designs for the overall mechanism.Computerized processing and immediate traceability of each stage of production are the best guarantee of our competent services.

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