We have been operating since 1980 in the field of precision mechanical machining. Among our equipment, we count 20 machine tools with numerical control and modern machines of a traditional type, used for the following services: work centers, lathes, wire erosion corrections, assembly machines.


Turning and stapling


Thanks to these tools and to a wise and careful organization of the production process, we are proud to say that our precision mechanical services are among the best in the region, providing customers with complete mechanical engineering and efficient turning and milling services.The precision mechanics stems from the technological developments made on the basis of the old hand-held turning and milling activities. It is used in the production of parts for plants and machines used in all sectors of production: from the food industry to the chemical sector, from the automotive to household appliances.


Precision engineering workshop


We perform precision mechanical machining operations for subcontracting clients and are able to complete virtually any order, both in terms of quantity and of any technical specifications: We work in small and large batches (30-100 to 500-2000 pieces), steel, light alloys, plastic and polyester.Manufacture of precision plastic parts, tangential adjustments, round fixing, preparation and cutting of materials, surface finishing, thermal and special finishing treatments, use of numerical control machines for sawing, deburring and milling - these are just some of the precision mechanical machining services that we offer to our customers!

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