Among the activities carried out by our company, always with precision and professionalism, the most important services are turning and milling following the clients' customised designs.In addition to this particular sector, our company has numerical control machines to perform precision mechanical machining, including the creation of mechanical details and aggregates.






All of our numerical control machines are operated by trained personnel who ensure the good production quality and proper dimensional control of the product.We have CNC lathes that can also work on C and Y axes with working ranges up to 700 mm diameter, bar passage 116 mm and length up to 1200 mm.These machines are equipped with bar, lunette and backstop rewinders in the loop.






We perform turning and milling services of steel parts, special steels, plastic materials and polyesters.Unlike turning - which takes place to remove the chip by rotating the workpiece only - the milling is performed by rotating special tools, the cutters, and moving the entire bench to which the workpiece is anchored.

Roughing and finishing are the initial and final stages of this work: we are also equipped to perform thermal and special surface finishes.

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