Premises used for machining: laboratory and offices 3000 sq. mt. (of which 800 sq. mt. is used for the assembly department).



1 x Milling and turning centre: horizontal multitasking MAZAK INTEGREX I 200 S, five-axis with 36-tool magazine.

1 x Mazak Variaxis J-600 / 5X milling machine - 5-axes multi-plane simultaneous machining center (X 850, Y 550, Z 510) (C (rotation table) 0.0001 °, 360 °)

1 x MAZAK VTC800-30SR 5 AXIS (X 3000, Y 800), 48-tool milling machine with tilting head (+/- 110 degrees) with 500mm diameter turntable and option for horizontal and vertical mounting.

1 x MAZAK VTC800-20 SR 5-AXIS (X2000, Y800) 48-tool milling machine with tilting head (+/-100 degrees) with 500 dia. turntable and option for horizontal or vertical mounting.

1 x HEDELIUS BC 100 40-tool (X3500 - Y100 - Z700) milling machine with 4°+5° divisor continuous axis.

1 x SPINNER U 5 1520 5-axis 48-TOOL milling machine with integrated turntable with tilting 4th and 5th axis and and combined cross table (X1520, Y520, Z460).

1 x "Multitasking" YAMAZAKI Mazak Integrex horizontal turning / milling centre, model i200S - Matrix 2 (C axis continuous on 2nd spindle - 36-tool magazine and CAPTO attachment chain)

1 x AWEA BM1200 5-axis FANUC CNC milling machine with 24 TOOLS, continuous rocker divider, COMMAND.X1250 Y600 Z600.

1 x SIGMA MISSION 3 - (FANUC) 21-tool CNC machining centre, ISO 40 with 4 axes.Scotti divider.(X1000 - Y600 - Z600).

1 x SIGMA MISSION 5 - (FANUC) 21-tool CNC machining centre, ISO 40 with 4 axes.Scotti divider.(X1250 - Y600 - Z600).

1 x FANUC ROBODRILL ALFA B T21 CNC machining centre with 21 tools (X700 - Y400 - Z350).

2 x HAAS super mini mill CNC milling machines with 10 tools (x400 y300 z250)

2 x BIGLIA B1200 FANUC 18 TiB with 12 motorised tools + C and Y axes. Max. turning diameter: 500, max turning length 1200.

2 x BIGLIA B650 FANUC 18 TiB with 12 motorised tools + C and Y axes. Max. turning diameter: 500, max. turning length 650

1 x BIGLIA B501 FANUC CNC complete with "LNS HYDROBAR" pusher bar, up to 68 diam.Auto.D. 250.

1 x PADOVANI lathe, Mod.165 CNC FANUC.Auto.D. 250.

1 x DAEWOO PUMA 350 B CNC FANUC 18 TC.Auto.D. 381 ASA11 spindle, useful bar passage dia. 116, max. turning diameter 550 x 1000 mm.

1 x CNC ACCUTEX AU300 WIRE EDM with tilting head +/- 30 ° and work area of X350, Y250, Z300.

1 x CNC FANUC ALFA WIRE EDM - with tilting head +/- 30 ° and work area of X600, Y400, Z310.

CAD / CAM office with MASTERCAM 3D solid modeling.


1 x FREEPORT Tangential Grinder, X1016 - Y508.

1 x FREEPORT Tangential Grinder (700x300) with automatic cycle.

1 x PARAGON Universal grinder Mod.GU 32X100P SHOWN

1 x MORARA Universal grinder mod. EA100, with CN MARPOSS mod.E44

1 x PPL lathe (270x1500) shown.

1 x PBR 200x1500 lathe, shown.

1 x OMG ZANOLETTI 260x1500 parallel lathe, shown.

1 x milling MISAL 745/U shown.

1 x RAMBAUDI MS / 3P milling machine, shown.

1 x NEW RAMBAUDI MS3/P milling machine, shown.

1 x RAG TCS 40 drill with cross table and automatic descent.

1 x RAG 25 pillar drill.

1 x IM type IMM 135 ATM drill tapper, complete with precision cross table.

1 IM type IMM 118/TM drill tapper.

2 x "BIANCO" D. 220. Manual band saws

2 x CNC bar-feed "MEP" D. 260. band saw.

1 x Semi-automatic MEP D. 230. band saw.

1 x 300 AMP wire welder.

1 x 50 T. hydraulic press.

1 x 25 T hydraulic press.

2 x Divider tables.

1 x Divider.

1 x PERINI CMP 250 slotting machine.

2 x glass micro-sphere blaster.


1 x parts washer Torrent 500.


1 x SISMA – LASER marker.

2 x Microdot marker with PLC.

1 x Somaut impact marker.

10 x Jib hoists (max. 2000 kg).

4 x MONTEFIORI Overhead cranes (5000 kg.)

3 x NISSAN / TOYOTA Forklifts, 2000 kg / 2500 kg.

2 x FORD TRANSIT CH350 trucks, capacity 1600 kg. each.

1 x IVECO truck (3500 kg.)

1 x MERCEDES truck (5500 kg.)


The company also has an in-house test point, consisting of:

1 x Air-conditioned measurement lab, complete with three-dimensional measuring machine, (CMM) from DEA, mod.GLOB PERFORMANCE SILVER 09-20-08, (X900 Y2000 Z800) – indexable HEAD TESASTAR SM80 – Leitz LSP - X1H measuring head – PCDIMIS CAD++ software

1 x POLI three-dimensional measuring machine, Mod.SKY3 650x500x500.

5 x Electronic altimeters (TRIMOS TVA700 VERTICAL 3) with accessories.

2 x ELBO Presetters, Mod.E 340, with projector.

1 x GALILEO electric durometer for measuring HRC and HB.

1 x Durometer for measuring HRC.

1 x Mitutoyo CV-3200 profilometer.

1 x Mitutoyo PH-A14 profile projector

1 x TAR-AL500 for zeroing electric bore gauges and micrometers.

2 x Portable Mitutoyo roughness meters.

1 x Portable HB Hardness Tester.

Traditional equipment for mechanical dimensional and geometric inspections (see annex)

In addition, our data processing centre for managing the accounts, warehousing and production, comprises:A workforce attendance system and workshop staff who provide direct oversight of the progress of production in real time.

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